Portraits and Figures: Oliver Tambo – 9m statue

27th October 2020, on what would have been his 103rd birthday, this 9 meter bronze statue of Oliver Tambo was unveiled by President Cyril Ramaphosa at OR International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.   In his speech, I think that President Ramaphosa beautifully summed up […]


Wildlife: Life size Elephant

This life size elephant bull was sculpted under the direction of Jean Doyle and the Doyle Art Foundry.  The project  took 2 years to complete, of which 3 months were spent sculpting the original piece in wax clay. Massive blocks of polystyrene were joined together […]


Dogs: ‘Exhilaration’

His physique may not be best suited to it, but the exhilaration he experiences will be just as real! This is the continuation of a series of personal works with dogs as my subject – the animal species that humans have the most intimate relationship […]


Dogs: ‘Point of view’

After creating the sculpture “Small Moments – Looking Up” and another version of this idea titled “Points of view” (see photo below) I sculpted this dachshund, to be placed looking down from a higher vantage point. Both of the above mentioned sculptures invite the viewer […]


Dogs: ‘Your move’

This Dachshund’s gaze is layered with possible meanings: affection, questioning, waiting, wanting…… direct and urgent. He will respond to your next move. Curiously, this trick is learnt from us. This is the start of a series of personal works with dogs as my subject – […]


Projects and Exhibitions: Kunst in Sendling 2020

I was again very happy to be part of Kunst in Sendling exhibition in Munich, Germany for their 2020 open studios event. Over a week end in October, workshops and studios all over Sendling were opened to the public, giving individual artists the opportunity to […]


Dogs, Portraits and Figures: ‘The Beholders’

A beholder is defined is an observer: someone who gains awareness of things through the senses, especially sight. These two seemed to me to be a perfect depiction of this definition. Modelled on a snapshot I took of an elderly gentleman and his dog sitting on a […]


Dogs, Portraits and Figures: ‘Standpoints’

Within the quest to discover our place on earth, we are puzzled to understand our relation to other animals. Ironically, “man’s best friend” offers us a chance to bridge our self-created divide. By acknowledging their ‘dogness’ and that they are equally sentient creatures, we can […]


Portraits and Figures: Adelaide Tambo

A daunting task, the sculpture of Adelaide Tambo needed to join that of her husband Oliver Tambo which had been beautifully sculpted by artist Zelda Stroud a few years earlier. It was important for me that the sculpture of Adelaide portrayed not only her passionate, […]


Portraits and Figures: Rev ZR Mahabane

A teacher, court interpreter, Methodist minister and first President-General of the ANC (he eventually served two terms – 1924 to 1927 and 1937 to 1940), Rev Mahabane was described as a diplomatic, slow-speaking and calm man, who combined politics and Christian ethics to fight racism. […]


Portraits and Figures: Walter and Albertina Sisulu

“A unity of such deep friendship and mutual respect, a personal and political partnership that transcended and survived all hardships, separations and persecution.” (Nelson Mandela’s impression of Walter and Albertina Sisulu’s relationship quoted from an exhibition titled “Walter and Albertina Sisulu: Parenting a Nation,” at […]


Projects and Exhibitions: Cerebos commercial

Client: Cerebos In collaboration with Tulips & Chimneys Along with 2 colleagues (Art Director Cristina Salvoldi and model maker Lungisa Kala) I worked as Lead Model Maker on this beautiful animated commercial. We built all the interior and exterior environments in miniature, some of which […]


Portraits and Figures: Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

I worked with colleagues Cristina Salvoldi and Lungisa Kala on this piece. We wanted the sculpture to convey Dr Martin Luther King’s absolute determination and persistence in realising his vision despite all adversity. He is depicted walking determinedly, almost marching, looking straight ahead with dogged […]


Portraits and Figures: Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Winnie Madikizela Mandela was a woman of great courage and personal strength. She was known to her supporters as a mother of the nation and an undisputed heroine of the Struggle. She was the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and fought alongside him for the liberation […]


Portraits and Figures: Nelson Mandela – “The Listener”

I sculpted this portrait bust for the 100 Years Tribute Exhibition – Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s Legacy hosted at The Studio Art Gallery in Simons Town. http://www.studioartgallery.co.za/100-years-tribute-exhibition-2/ I have worked on various sculptures of Nelson Mandela, each time with a different focus and message specific to […]


Portraits and Figures: Concrete portrait

This is a more personal work. As I get older, travel and experience more of the world, I become increasingly aware of how unusual and special my upbringing was. I grew up on a farm in a region known as the Karoo in South Africa. […]


Wildlife: “On Safari in the Concrete Jungle”

Titled “On Safari in the Concrete Jungle” This was my first experience working with concrete as a final sculpting medium, and I was very surprised at how versatile it can be. The sculpture was on the 2010 Young Concrete Sculptor Award competition exhibition at the […]