Moments with Dogs: ‘Your move’

Moments with Dogs

This Dachshund’s gaze is layered with possible meanings: affection, questioning, waiting, wanting…… direct and urgent. He will respond to your next move.
Curiously, this trick is learnt from us.

Dogs are highly socially skilled animals. The result of centuries of domestication, they are also the animal species that have best learnt to recognise, and pay attention to human social signals. They have developed a sensitivity to the nature of humans and yearn for social bonds with us, often above their own kind.

Ironically, because dogs adapt so well to our world, we often fail to recognise their reality. We refer to them in human terms and attribute human emotions to their actions. As a result, we overlook that they are creatures with their own internal worlds, with an independent self.

Medium: Concrete, Length: 450mm