Moments with Dogs: ‘Point of view II’

Moments with Dogs

After creating the sculpture ‘Points of View – pewter’ and another version of this in concrete (see photo below) I sculpted this dachshund, to be placed looking down from a higher vantage point.
Both of the above mentioned sculptures invite the viewer to reflect on the perplexing differences in perspective between a human and their dog. With ‘Point of View II’ the idea is to recreate this idea with yourself, the viewer, as the second half of the sculpture.
Its your turn to consider a point of view – of course you are ” down here”.

Within the quest to discover our place on earth, we are puzzled to understand our relation to other animals. Ironically, “man’s best friend” offers us a chance to bridge our self-created divide. By acknowledging their dog nature, and that they are equally sentient creatures, we can attempt to develop our side of the understanding between two beings..

Medium: Concrete, Length: 450mm