Monumental: ‘The Arch’ Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu


This incredibly challenging, yet rewarding sculpture was created with my colleague Cristina Salvoldi.

We wanted to find a pose that combined the Arch’s obviously witty, jocular nature, with his deep compassion, and genuine humility.  The man who was a great orator and who endeared himself to all he met.  Who easily moved amongst international leaders yet had the empathy to take on the unimaginably emotional task of chairman of the TRC hearings.

What struck us in coming up with the pose for this statue was that apart from his very demonstrative face, so much of his emotions were expressed with his hands. 

The sculpture forms part of The Long March to Freedom at Century City, Cape Town. This is an installation that will eventually see an outdoor procession of more than 400 life-size bronze figures honouring individuals who fought for democracy, against oppression in South Africa – the heroes of the liberation struggle.
Long March to Freedom website

Sculptures copyright to The Long March to Freedom / National Heritage Project Company.

Medium: Bronze, Height: 1.7m

Images credited to: National Heritage Project Company NPC / Long March to Freedom and also Cristina Salvoldi