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Elephant Family

The original pieces, sculpted in white oil based clay. These were then molded and cast into bronze.  The patina has a reddish colour, reminiscent of the colour of the elephants in Addo Elephant Park who were my subjects for these sculptures.  The ground there has […]


Deolinda Rodrigues Portrait

In this large scale portrait I wanted to capture the beauty and pride that I saw in the aged photograph I had as a reference. Sculpted under the direction of Jean Doyle and the Doyle Art Foundry. Wax clay original, Height: 1.2 meters



A sculpture of my dachshund, Jack, whose favourite place was sitting on the edge of the deck, surveying the world.  The wooden base is from ethically sourced wood Medium: Ceramic,  Height: 290mm



I have tried to emphasize the attitude and stocky build of the rhino by mounting it slightly forward on its base.  The solid cypress base is from ethically sourced wood. Medium: Fired Clay, Height: 290mm                     […]


Printmaking with Bottlejack Press

My husband and I built this homemade press using a hydraulic car jack. The resulting prints have a very sculptural feel.  I love the process of creating 2D texture and line in such an expressive way. Medium: oil based printing ink on Fabriano paper, Size […]


Elephant Cow and Calf

In this piece I have tried to convey the feeling of interaction between the elephant cow and her calf.  The rustic oak base is from ethically sourced wood Medium: Ceramic,  Height: 260mm


Small Moments – Looking Up

Dogs have very individual personalities and time spent with them is always filled with memorable, endearing and sometimes, as in this case, perplexing moments.The solid bluegum bases are made from ethically sourced wood. Medium: Pewter, Height: 700mm