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Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Winnie Madikizela Mandela was a woman of great courage and personal strength. She was known to her supporters as a mother of the nation and an undisputed heroine of the Struggle. She was the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and fought alongside him for the liberation […]


Nelson Mandela – “The Listener”

I sculpted this portrait bust for the 100 Years Tribute Exhibition – Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s Legacy hosted at The Studio Art Gallery in Simons Town. I have worked on various sculptures of Nelson Mandela, each time with a different focus and message specific to […]


Rev ZR Mahabane

A teacher, court interpreter, Methodist minister and first President-General of the ANC (he eventually served two terms – 1924 to 1927 and 1937 to 1940), Rev Mahabane was described as a diplomatic, slow-speaking and calm man, who combined politics and Christian ethics to fight racism. […]


6 meter Nelson Mandela

(Photo by eNCA reporter Lenyaro Sello) “Nelson Mandela is now a symbol of dignity, a symbol of forgiveness, a symbol of peace and the symbol of freedom that we Palestinians are struggling to achieve… Having Mandela with us is not about the statue – it […]


Walter and Albertina Sisulu

“A unity of such deep friendship and mutual respect, a personal and political partnership that transcended and survived all hardships, separations and persecution.” (Nelson Mandela’s impression of Walter and Albertina Sisulu’s relationship quoted from an exhibition titled “Walter and Albertina Sisulu: Parenting a Nation,” at […]


Deolinda Rodrigues Portrait

In this large scale portrait I wanted to capture the beauty and pride that I saw in the aged photograph I had as a reference. Sculpted under the direction of Jean Doyle and the Doyle Art Foundry. Wax clay original, Height: 1.2 meters


Small Moments – Looking Up

Dogs have very individual personalities and time spent with them is always filled with memorable, endearing and sometimes, as in this case, perplexing moments.The solid bluegum bases are made from ethically sourced wood. Medium: Pewter, Height: 700mm


Mandela Portrait

This is the first life size portrait I sculpted and also my first bronze piece .  Made in 2001, I had to use photographs collected from newspaper cuttings as reference. Medium: Bronze and Fired clay original, Height: Lifesize, approx. 50cm  


Family Ancestor

The only reference I had for this portrait was a painting, which introduced the challenge of sculpting a likeness from another artist’s portrayal of the person. Wax clay original, Height: approx. 50cm