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Portraits: Nelson Mandela – “The Listener”

I sculpted this portrait bust for the 100 Years Tribute Exhibition – Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s Legacy hosted at The Studio Art Gallery in Simons Town. I have worked on various sculptures of Nelson Mandela, each time with a different focus and message specific to […]

Portraits: Concrete portrait

This is a more personal work. As I get older, travel and experience more of the world, I become increasingly aware of how unusual and special my upbringing was. I grew up on a farm in a region known as the Karoo in South Africa. […]

Portraits: Mandela Portrait

This is the first life size portrait I sculpted and also my first bronze piece .  Made in 2001, I had to use photographs collected from newspaper cuttings as reference. Medium: Bronze and Fired clay original, Height: Lifesize, approx. 50cm

Portraits: Deolinda Rodrigues Portrait

In this large scale portrait I wanted to capture the beauty and pride that I saw in the aged photograph I had as a reference. Sculpted under the direction of Jean Doyle and the Doyle Art Foundry. Wax clay original, Height: 1.2 meters

Portraits: Family Ancestor

The only reference I had for this portrait was a painting, which introduced the challenge of sculpting a likeness from another artist’s portrayal of the person. Wax clay original, Height: approx. 50cm